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Startup and Entrepreneur Support

Whether you are starting-up or an established entrepreneur, we are here to support you at every step in your journey to success! ​ From initial business plan to business setup, to running the business, using a wider network of Partners we provide you one stop solution to help you so that you can focus on your ideas while we take care of rest.

Business Plan Writing Services

You got your ideas and establish viability of your ventures, we are here to help you in preparing a “realistic” and actionable business plan so that you can embark on your journey to successful entrepreneurship. ​ If you are looking for a local business plan writer to start a business in Canada and US, we prepare fully functional business plans which always deliver. ​

  • Business plan writing for immigration purposes
  • Business plan writing for investors
  • Business plan writing for borrowings (for lenders and banks)
  • Business plan writing for internal management use
  • Business plans writing for startups in Canada

We, ALWAYS, start from scratch and do not try to fit your business plan in to our pre-ready templates . We guarantee a quality work product at a reasonable price. Some of our clients have provided a strong positive feedback about the business plans we have written for specific purposes such as business plans for immigration, investors or banks.

Financial Projections & Forecasts

When in the business, you often need financial projections and forecasts such as:

  • Financial projections requested by lenders, for example your bank
  • Financial projections required by the investors to assess to establish the project’s feasibility
  • Financial projections needed by management for internal use for business planning purposes
  • Financial projections as part of business plans for immigration purposes

At Maroof HS CPA Professional Corporation, we have competency and expertise to deliver these financial projections and forecasts whenever needed by client. We prepare these financial projections in a close collaboration with client understanding their business and requirements. We then prepare these financial projections from scratch instead of using pre-loaded templates to deliver high quality work product.

Our clients have always provided a strong positive feedback that our work product delivers the results.

Financial Feasibility Study

For your new business ventures or existing business, establishing a financial viability is the most critical and challenging task for entrepreneurs. We conduct a thorough financial feasibility study for your project.  ​ We use advanced knowledge and techniques, comparable to leading firms, whereas keeping the costs low for you.

Investor Presentations
& Relationship Management

You have brilliant commercially viable idea but do not know how to express it to investors? Don’t worry, we got that covered! We can prepare all presentations and analysis that underscores the feasibility and prospects of the idea to your potential investors. ​ You have a few or multiple investors who regularly need up to date information, we can handle this for you and take care of all this reporting requirement.

International Business Management

We help you to take your business operations beyond borders, so that you can establish your business without the worry of resolving set of complexities and challenges which a business usually faces.   One of our key services in International Business Consultancy is to make you understand a wide spectrum of current challenges & issues and to provide fresh insights that are pertinent for policy and practice. Our in-depth research for your businesses will help you to address contemporary international business issues from various viewpoints, draws on research conducted in different countries, examines IB issues in both developed and emerging markets contexts. ​ Why not to help you achieving “first mover advantage” leading to higher possibilities of succeeding in larger market. ​ We provide you assitance in North American, United Kingdom, GCC (KSA, Oman, UAE & Kuwait) and Indian Subcontinent.


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