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green accounting firm in Canada
Accounting and Finance

7 Easy Ways Your Business Can Go Green!

The looming threat of climate change has started a movement of going green. Many businesses are adopting environment-friendly ways to save cost, avail tax credits, and help save the planet. Today, we are going to

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information systems - XERO accounting and bookkeeping
Accounting Systems

Why Do We Love Xero? A Closer Look

Xero has become immensely popular with small and medium businesses for its simpler approach to bookkeeping. With over a million subscribers, Xero is soon to become the most used cloud-based accounting solution across the whole

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what is cloud accounting systems
Accounting Systems

Cloud Accounting

What is Cloud Accounting? Although the majority of the medium to large enterprises are still using traditional accounting software and packages, hosted locally; there are a whole lot of small and medium businesses that are

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