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Individual tax preparation services | Personal tax planning | Complex personal tax matters

We provide personal tax services for Canada for simple to complex tax situations.

Maroof HS CPA Professional Corporation is a CPA firm registered with CPA Ontario and provides a comprehensive range of personal tax services. We are also CRA Approved EFILER and all our Individual tax returns (T1) are prepared by an Ontario Chartered Accountant. No matter how simple or complex your tax return is, we always provide highly personalized service and ready to answer all your questions while doing so.

Some of our services include:

  • Individual income tax and benefits return (T1) for individuals and couples having employment income
  • Individual income tax preparation services for self employed individuals (unincorporated businesses)
  • Personal tax services for individuals having investment income, rental income or foreign income 
  • Income tax services for students
  • Income tax services for new immigrants to Canada or Leavers (Emigrants) from Canada
  • Income tax return preparation for deceased individuals
  • Income tax services for non-residents
  • Tax issues for residents, non-residents or dual residents of Canada
  • Canadian Income Tax services for Canadian Snowbirds and US Persons
  • Real Estate Transactions and Rental Property Tax Considerations
  • Backfiling of Personal Income Taxes – multiple tax years filing
  • Voluntary Tax Disclosure and Tax Appeals

Often times, Canadians who spend time in United States unknowingly become subject to US taxes. Read here about the snowbirds.

We do guarantee maximum tax situation optimization so that you do not have to pay extra tax dollars which you should not have, however, we do not guarantee maximum tax refunds. Our goal is to get you the maximum refund by doing a thorough tax return optimization to get you the deductions and credits  applicable to you so that you do have a peace of mind that you have filed an accurate tax return.

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Thorough Tax Optimization

Instead of Guaranteed Tax Refunds!

We “Guarantee” a thorough exercise to optimize your tax situation!

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