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Maroof HS CPA Professional Corporation is a highly rated CPA firm! There are many reasons to choose us as a reliable partner par excellence.

The success and growth of your business are our priority. This is reflected in our work methodology and our wide range of services. We will be a reliable partner to you and take care of activities like:

  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Regular management and financial reporting
  • Business planning and analysis

We will support your decision-making process every step of the way.

Take a test drive!

Experience it for yourself and see how our excellence in service takes your tax compliance, corporate finance and tax reporting, or investor relationship management to a whole new level.

Once you experience our services, it is almost next to impossible to switch! And yes! our customers can vouch for that!

Being a Toronto-based accounting firm, we are bound to be diverse and inclusive!

With every passing day, we are taking pride in witnessing the success stories of our diverse client base. We are a ‘proud ally’ of Canada’s LGBTQ2S+ community. We have helped through volunteering and mentoring a number of businesses owned by people of colour.

No matter what ethnic or religious group you belong to, you will always feel welcomed, loved and at home with us. 

We are a well-qualified, certified, and experienced accounting team focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses with their accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, and reporting needs. However, that does not mean we are limited to offering ordinary external accountant services only.

We understand business!

You can count on us for advice and guidance necessary for maintaining successful operations in all areas of your business.

We are a team with expertise in advanced financial and management reporting. We have successfully handled many complex transactions and dealt with advanced financial reporting issues in multiple assignments across the globe.

We customize our services for each customer when it comes to Financial Reporting and Tax Reporting. We always conduct thorough tax research so that you can get the maximum value out of our services.

While working as your partner, we make sure everything is clear to you from the beginning to the end.

We work with you or your staff collaboratively, making sure that every query from both sides is cleared before the work is completed. We give personalized attention to each client. Apart from complicated tax and financial reporting services, we also provide highly personalized services even for day-to-day bookkeeping. We stand far ahead and high in our service delivery. Your team will love working with us.

Like all our other clients, you can expect timely service with desired results. Yes, you can rely on us. You always get financial statements and management reports on-time so that decision-making processes can be quick and smooth.

We also ensure that your tax reporting is on-time and hassle-free. We take ownership and responsibility of the work, a cornerstone in our relationship of trust with our clients. We help to achieve perfect compliance.

Join our list of happy clients to get corporate tax services, accounting and bookkeeping services, and other business planning services.

With our years of experience, we have been able to develop a work methodology that helps us achieve greater efficiency and ultimately lower compliance costs for our clients. Yes, you do not need to break the bank with sky-high overhead costs to stay on top of your accounting and taxes anymore.

We provide highly personalized service packages depending on your requirements and the size of your business. This way, you will be paying only for what you get.

No doubt, the accounting and tax departments of any organization, big or small, have to complete a lot of paperwork. However, we encourage a paperless environment and help our clients have an accounting and bookkeeping workflow using digital technology. It not only saves time, cost, energy, and space, but it also boosts our efforts to save the environment by limiting the use of paper.

We are striving to be a green accounting firm. In fact, we are on our way to becoming the best green accounting firm in the Greater Toronto Area.

As per our Green Accounting firm initiative, we are taking numerous measures like:

  • Switching to a paperless accounting firm.
  • Free consultancy to our clients who want to switch their accounting department to a paperless office.
  • Deep discounts for individual tax preparation clients who ditch the paper copies, hence rewarding them for paper saving.
  • Free cloud accounting software for our clients with an electronic record management guide.
  • Exclusive, deeply discounted prices for firms that use renewable energy or have implemented measures to save the environment.

You can check more details in our green firm initiative section.

Our Services

We offer a range of services when it comes to income tax services for both individuals and corporations in Canada and the United States. 

Learn more about our income tax, accounting and business consultancy. 

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What Our Client's Say

Always perfect! Anything less than that is not acceptable..

XNM Creations - Toronto
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"Absolutely the best CPA out there. I made over 100 calls before I met them! Maroof is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help other businesses. He takes time to explain complex things. He is also future-proof, so young entrepreneurs like to easily approach him."
Ned Dimitrov
Cross border tax client
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Maroof and his staff are extremely professional, responsive, and thoughtful in preparing our taxes and providing advice throughout the year. I always feel like Maroof pays close attention to our concerns and carefully thinks through the details of our multi-country yearly taxes. I plan on staying with Maroof for a long time.
Molly Leonard
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I considered several firms in USA and Canada to assist me with my entry to Canada. I needed integrity and accuracy. That’s when I found Maroof HS. The Maroof HS team delivers professionalism and credibility on USA/Canada personal and corporate tax. Maroof is a thorough, ethical, and competent advisor in complex scenarios. His approach is attentive and patient; ensuring tax and international reporting obligations are filed accurately and timely. I look forward to working with them for years to come!
AJ & Raheel
Car Squad - Toronto
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"Very professional and easy to deal with, Maroof was flawless in dealing with and helping us secure our financing for a multi-million dollar automotive operations in GTA. We tried several places, and Maroof was by far the best and easiest to deal with, thanks for all the help, my friend! Looking forward to more future business!"
Daniel Passmore
Passmore Law - California
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“Maroof has prepared several financial statements for my clients. He is thorough, accurate, detailed, and attentive. I continue to utilize his services and have never been disappointed.”
Gary Rotman
Hew Technologies & SIMPL
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“I had been looking for a reliable Chartered accountant, found Maroof. He has proved to be an excellent decision for our both companies. His team handles all our accounting requirements, for both our US and Canadian corporations. His pricing/value has been one of the best I have seen in over 30 years in business working with many people in the accounting and income tax disciplines. Highly recommended!”
Eric Ing
Nozo Inc.
Read More
Maroof was super helpful and professional. Helped me through a tonne of my business and personal taxes. Answered quickly, answered all my questions, was patient with the process, made the entire thing understandable. I'll be sticking with this guy for all my future tax needs and have already referred him to a few of my friends. Super legit dude, friendly personality.
Kamyar Hossieny
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I spoke to numerous accountants before coming across Maroof. Immediately Maroof was able to identify and provide a solution to a big issue. The issue was my misunderstanding of a complexity. He took his time to explain me it in such a simple way. We were on a huge time crunch and on the verge of being hit with a huge penalty, Maroof provided us with all the reassurance we needed as him and his team did their magic. Not only did we save thousands in penalties but now our taxes situation is fully compliant and good to go for years to come! This firm has changed my mind about the accounting industry forever.

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