Accounting, Bookkeeping
& Reporting Services

Are you tired of searching for a reliable outsourced accounting services provider?

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We provide a full spectrum small business accounting & bookkeeping services in GTA and beyond Canada-wide.

We are very flexible to tailor the solutions to your specific needs based on your requirements. Whether you are a small business or a medium sized business, our bookkeeping and accounting services can be scaled to any level. ​

Many ways to work with us!

Cloud Based Accounting:

You can use a subscription for any SaaS solution from our side or purchase one for you with an access to us. We do have our own customized accounting solutions as well. If you don’t have cloud based accounting solution, no worries, we can help to arrange one for you and take care of whole transition. Alternatively, if you prefer a desktop localized software, we can work with that too.

Fully outsourced Accounting Services or Co-Sourced

You can take advantage of our outsourced accounting services in Toronto and we can take care of everything! Alternatively, you can retain your own accounting staff or an in-house bookkeeper and ask for an additional assistance with the technical and advanced accounting from our side.

Accounting backlogs and last minute tax rescues

If you are having an accounting backlog or you are falling behind your tax filings for year, you are not alone! It happens.

We can give a helping hand to you.

  • For accounting backlogs, late tax filings or information in non-accounting format, our team processes your date. We clean up your books no matter how much messed up they are.
  • If you are struggling with massive accounting data entry, our team can assist with that too.
  • If you have your data available and only need management reports, we can prepare those management reports for you

Important accounting functions which can be performed:

  • Accrual and Cash basis accounting
  • Complete general accounting
  • Massive data entry or cleaning up of books operations
  • Complete accounts receivables or payable management
  • Bank reconciliations of any size
  • Income Tax Accounting and Reporting for businesses whether incorporated or unincorporated.
  • Payroll calculations and reporting on regular basis
  • Sales tax (HST/GST) preparation and filing
  • Periodic Management & Financial Reporting for small businesses
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly closing of books
  • Assistance in preparing audit packs for external audits
  • Preparation and compilation of financial statements

​Our outsourced accounting services are not limited to Toronto or Greater Toronto Area but are extended across the whole Canada. If you are a business in Northern Ontario, please contact us today to get benefit of our ongoing “Northern Ontario outsourced accounting services  promo”.

Controller Function

Controller function is a critical role in any business and its importance cannot be neglected because it serves as the bridge between the management and accounting team. This role becomes even more important for SMEs where risk of fraud and inaccurate financial reporting is comparatively high due to multiple factors including lack of segregation of duties, unqualified or inadequate number of staff.   Having not been able to afford doesn’t mean that you cannot have a Controller. We can perform Controller function for you which includes:

  • Timely periodic closing
  • Fraud prevention
  • Budgeting
  • Review and Analysis of Management Reports
  • Decision Ready Timely Management Reporting
  • Advanced Financial Reporting

Our strong management & financial reporting will help you in making timely business decisions and will certainly make your auditors happy with comprehensive audit packs. With our team having expertise in internal controls benefits of Fraud prevention can immediately add value to bottom line. ​ You have the option to take either Controller Services alone or clip it with our comprehensive bookkeeping services. ​ Let’s not forget! Our focus is success of your business.

CFO Services

In today’s business, strategic business analysis and management has become even more critical to business sustainability. Forecasting cash flows and Cash management is an area where most of small business owners spend their time on rather than other key areas of business management. Nowadays, small and medium businesses have blurred the differences between Controller Function and CFO Function, nonetheless, importance of both cannot be ignored. ​ Under our “Virtual CFO” service, we will provide your business with an opportunity to benefit from our resourceful team who have both professional development and expertise with industry’s best certifications and extensive practical knowledge. ​ We will provide a bespoke solution, depending on clients’ needs in case our pre-listed packages do not fully address your needs.  Our Virtual CFO function can be combined with our Controller and Bookkeeping services to provide a wholesome solution to your accounting and finance department. ​ If you already have an in-house accountant who is taking care of basic book keeping function, our Controller or CFO services can be requested at friendly rates giving you an opportunity to take advantage of our advanced analytical, planning and action techniques. ​ We provide objective, unbiased and precisely measured advice in conjunction with Advanced Financial Decision-Making techniques. ​

  • Pricing Decisions
  • Product continuance / Discontinuance decisions
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Assets acquisitions and disposals
  • Financing decisions
  • Operational Analysis
  • Strategic business analysis
  • Forecasting and Proforma Financial Statements
  • Cash management
  • Investor Relationship Management

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