Compilation of Financial Statements (Notice-to-readers)

Compilation of Financial Statements

Notice to Reader Financial Statements

AT Maroof HS CPA Professional Corporation, we perform compilation engagements. Often these statements are known as Notice-to-Reader Financial Statements in Canada. We usually prepare these financial statements along with corporate tax returns by taking it up as a compilation engagement. In certain situations, clients need financial statements either for internal management use or as requested by third parties. Compiled financial statements with Notice-to-readers are prepared as per the applicable standards.

We prepare financial statements for businesses in both Canada and United States. 

If your bank, investor or any third-party has requested notice-to-reader financial statements, we can prepare these for you. Currently, notice-to-reader financial statements are issued by us for the businesses in province of Ontario and Alberta.

Advanced Financial Reporting

Based on Specific client’s needs, we do offer one-off Advanced financial reporting services to handle occasional transactions OR A periodic support to fill the gap of skill sets of accounting team ​.

Some of areas where we help include: ​

  • Preparation of complete set of Financial Statements
  • Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Consolidated and Combined Financial Statements
  • Reporting for entities with complex legal structures
  • Financial Statements based on IFRS, ASPE & US GAAP
  • Notice to Reader – Financial Statements
  • Handling of Complex transactions

Important disclosure: Maroof HS CPA Professional Corporation is an accounting firm registered with CPA Ontario & Alberta. Each province or territory in Canada has its own CPA Act or equivalent which governs and regulates the accounting profession in respective province. We currently offer CPA services in Ontario and Albeta, and are in the process of registration with other provinces as well. This does not preclude us form providing tax preparation and bookkeeping services in provinces other than Ontario & Alberta. In United States, compilation engagements are performed by Maroof H. Sabri who is a CPA licensed from North Dakota and may be able to provide compilation services in other states under the practice privilege. 


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