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IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent in Canada

Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) in Canada, in agreement with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States.

Apply for the U.S. ITIN through a Certifying Acceptance Agent

Maroof HS CPA Professional Corporation provides Certifying Acceptance Agent Services in Canada. We, now, accept your applications for an Individual Tax Identification Number (a.k.a ITIN).

You do not need to send your original passport or identification documents to IRS, instead we accept your application and forward it for processing.

There are many instances when a Canadian resident (or any other Non-U.S. person) requires ITIN from IRS. ITIN is an identification number used within the U.S. tax system, it does not provide the same function as social security number (SSN). ITIN applications require the applicants to submit original identification documents or certified copies of those. There are specific rules related to who can certify these documents. Canadian Notary or lawyer cannot certify these documents. Only the CAAs who are in agreement with IRS can provide these certification services. 

CAA certifies the documents and returns the original to the client. The application along with Certification is forwarded by the CAA to the IRS. Once the ITIN is received, it is communicated to the client. 

Benefits of applying for ITIN with us

Keep your original ID with you
Keep your original passport with you!

Since we are Certifying Acceptance Agent, we verify your identity and certify the identifying documents. You can keep your original identification with you.

Accuracy of your application
We ensure that your application is correctly filled up. We do not accept applications where an ITIN is not needed. ITIN is issued to be used in the tax system only, and cannot be used for any other purpose.

One-stop solution – ITIN application and U.S. Tax return
ITIN application requires a U.S. income tax return to be attached to it (unless an exception applies). You can take advantage of cross-border tax services and get it done by us.

ITIN application service in Toronto and beyond
We are conveniently located and accessible from anywhere in Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We do provide services across whole Canada. Please check the information for virtual or online services below.

Cost of Certifying Acceptance Agent Services in Canada

We offer competitive prices for the CAA services. The cost per certification and ITIN application are CA$ 295* plus applicable GST/HST. This does not include the mailing charges which depend on the client’s choice. Any return preparation cost is extra.

CA$295 is for Canadian passports only. If you are holding a passport from some other country, please drop us an email and ask us if we can provide the service or not. The cost for Non-Canadian passports is different.

Get a special promotion for applications between October to December months.

If you do not have an original passport, you can use any two other documents from the list provided by IRS. The costs are different for such documents.

Important Information About ITIN Applications:

Before making an inquiry or appointment request, please note:

  1. You must attach a U.S. Tax Return (1040-NR) with ITIN Application unless you meet an exception. You can ask us to prepare the U.S. tax return or another accountant to prepare one for you. 
  2. If you do not have a 1040-NR but meet an exception, please check what exception you meet. Consult “Exceptions Table” here. 
  3. If you meet one of the exceptions, please refer to exception no. in your request and confirm if you have the required documents listed there. Those documents are a hard requirement. 
  4. If you do not meet an exception, please do not request an appointment as we will not be able to process the application. 

Frequently asked Questions

Please read these FAQs before making an inquiry. 

Do I need to meet in person to apply for ITIN or it can be done online?
We offer both services! If you are from Greater Toronto Area, we encourage you to meet in person, as it will save you additional mailing costs. In all cases, we must be in possession of your original documents. If you are meeting in person, please bring your original passport (or other prescribed document combination of identity and foreign status).

How to apply for ITIN online without visiting CAA?
If you are looking for online/virtual services, your documents must be in our possession. You can drop or mail in your original documents to us before the interview. You can arrange a pickup by mail from our office.

What if I do not have my original passport with me?
If you do not have your original passport with you, you can bring two pieces of ID to verify both identity and foreign status. These documents are prescribed by the IRS. However, we do not certify documents based on the certified copies from somewhere else. Your original documents must be in our possession at the time of the interview (both in-person or online).

Can I get rush service for the ITIN application?
We must submit (by mail to IRS) the complete application within 5 business days after it is received by us. We try our best to release the mail from our office twice a week. Further, the client needs to choose mailing charges whether to use standard Canada Post mail service or a rush private courier service such as FedEx. The IRS usually takes up to 7 weeks to complete the process. IRS processing times are beyond our control and there is no priority service is available for them.

Can I get my passport certified only?
No, your application must be forwarded by us. Rejections of applications are tracked by the IRS and we do not want the incomplete or ineligible application forwarded by the client to contribute to our rejection rate.

How to get ITIN to start a business in the U.S.?
An ITIN is not required to start a business in the U.S. Mostly, it is EIN (employer identification number). Ask us for EIN if you have to start your business in the U.S. Once you have established a business, the payer of dividends or partnership income etc., needs to issue a letter certifying that an ITIN is needed.

How can I get an ITIN for the bank account opening in the U.S.?
An ITIN cannot be applied for just because someone needs to open a bank account in the U.S. If your bank requires ITIN, it must issue a letter to you.

Can a CAA certify non-Canadian passports for ITIN application?
Yes, we certify passports from other countries too. However, please drop us an email and let us know. There are passports issued by certain countries which we do not certify.

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