This is a Climate Emergency!

Our planet is warming up.

With melting glaciers and rising sea levels, we are running out of time.

If there is any time to act, it is now!

We are Acting Now! Are you?

Green Accounting Firm in Toronto

We recognize the importance of taking environment-friendly actions and to adapt to the new practices.

Accountants are known to be paper consumption houses which has contributed significantly to carbon emissions. Luckily, technological developments have already given enough tools to accountants to contribute their bit of share. At Maroof HS CPA Professional Corporation, we are adapting to these practices and taking a green accounting firm initiative.

Under our “Green Accounting Firm Initiative” we are acting in two ways; First adapting ourselves to green practices, secondly helping others to adapt.

At our offices and within our firm...

We have taken multiple steps to adopt green practices.

We are on our way to become a fully paperless office ourselves. Technology is helping us a lot in many ways; we use and encourage cloud accounting applications; and we have banned paper printing in our office unless it is really required.

At the same time, we have switched to energy efficient equipment at our premises. We have also cut down on unnecessary meetings and the meeting duration. We are in constant touch with our clients through the means which involve less physical meeting. It has resulted in additional cost saving at both ours and our client’s end and have resulted in an increased efficiency. 

Free consultancy to our clients...

We are offering “Free Consultancy” to our clients who are falling behind the evolving technology and still reliant on physical record keeping. We help them in setting up a complete paperless accounting department by advising them, free of any cost, on the selection and implementation of cloud accounting applications, and how they can stay compliant with regulatory record keeping requirements. Their cost saving and process improvement contribute towards our shared goal of protecting the environment and a better customer satisfaction. 

Green Discounts

We offer green discounts to our current and prospective clients.

If you are a business operating in a renewable energy sector or in any way striving to protect the environment, you are eligible to get preferential pricing from us. If you are a business already on the cloud or planning to move in the near future, you can get a handsome discount on various accounting, tax, bookkeeping and business planning services from us.

Our green discount ranges from anywhere between 10% to 40% which helps in saving cost on various tax, accounting and bookkeeping activities of your business.  For example, in upcoming tax season we are offering a 10% discount to all of our individual tax planning and preparation services in Canada when you receive electronic copies instead of paper copies of your tax returns (off course securely). If you are a corporation who has adopted cloud accounting and moving away from paper record keeping, we offer 15% discount on all corporate tax services in Canada. This 15% discount often partially offset the cost of yearly subscriptions to cloud and online applications.

If you are planning to start a business, we offer Green discounts on our business plan writing services and any other type of business, accounting and tax services in Canada.

Act now and make a difference for future generations...

Contact us today to learn more how can we help with all your tax, accounting and business needs while keeping you and your business green