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For Immigrations, Banks & lenders, Investors, and Management Purposes.

Convert your ideas into great brands!

You got your ideas, and you have established the viability of your ventures.

Now we are here to help you in preparing a realistic and actionable business plan so that you can embark on your journey to successful entrepreneurship.

If you are looking for a local business plan writer to start a business in Canada or the United States, look no further. We prepare fully functional business plans that actually deliver results.

No Templates

We do not use any template or software-generated business plans. Every business plan is client-specific and written from scratch.

Strong Research

We do a thorough research before writing the business plan to ensure that it meets the client's purpose.

Great Team - 1 Stop

Our team consists of a CPA, a market researcher, and a content writer. It is our one-stop expert solution to creating a successful business plan.

High Success Rate

A proven track record of a high success rate for the business plans. All thanks to research, collaboration and high skill set.

Our Business Plans


Business Plan for immigration to Canada.

Immigration business plans are prepared in strict accordance with the business immigration stream in Canada under which the client is applying.

First, the business concept and then a business plan is prepared in close collaboration with the client’s immigration consultant or lawyer, and the client itself to aim for an overall higher score.


Preparing “Business Concept” for immigration to Canada.

Business immigration often follows two steps: first submitting a business concept and later on the business plan.

We provide support (business and financial side) to the client’s immigration consultant or lawyer with the preparation of business concept before submission.


Business plan for banks or other lenders.

These business plans are prepared in keeping mind the credit departments of banks (or other lenders) as the final user.

While, often, seemingly simple as filling the template provided by the bank, the financial section of these business plans needs to be carefully drafted. Being a CPA firm, we create financial models that deliver.


Having a great business idea but don’t know where to start and how to execute?

Don’t worry! We can help you converting this idea of yours into a successful brand.

We prepare a business plan covering all aspects such as market research, competitor analysis, product pricing, legal compliance, operational plan, financial plan and go-to-market strategy.


Business plan for investors.

Whether you are looking for raising funds for your new business or require additional funding for a running business, we take care of all investor’s information needs.

From information memorandum to investor presentations, we take care of everything – all within the business plan writing process. 

Don’t forget to check our Business advisory services.


Already have a business plan but need an expert review of your business plan?

We can help you!

We perform a 360-degree review of your business plan, propose changes, and help in executing the very plan.

Our Methodology

We start by understanding the client’s idea and the purpose of their business plan. Based on this information, we determine the potential users of business plan.

Based on our understanding, we set clear requirements and expectations. We determine the potential users and their unique requirements which the business plan should be able to address.

Our preliminary research helps us in determining the initial commercial viability of the project. If we feel that the client’s business concept needs improvement or changes, we discuss and adjust with them accordingly before moving to the next stage.

We make a “plan” for our business plan! Mostly, internal, to stay organized and on-track to timely deliver a quality work product as per the client’s expectations.

A thorough in-depth search is performed which becomes the basis for our business plan writing. We are involved with the client on a daily basis so that the business plan is heading in the same direction as the client intends to.

Our strength comes from our expertise, and dealing with complex numbers is our specialty! We build great financial models for different business concepts regardless of the complexity. We upgrade the quality of the business plan, and that increases the chance of success drastically.

Once the financial model is approved, we consolidate all our research and start drafting the business plan. A draft is shared with the client and finalized after taking into account any further suggestions. We end with a great work product!


Our clients love us! Why?

Our methodology is flawless. We are client-oriented, detail-oriented, and project-oriented.

We, ALWAYS, start from scratch and do not try to fit your business plan into any pre-written templates.

We guarantee a high-quality work product at a reasonable price. Our excellent customer service is always there to help you out.


Both the cost and time involved in writing a business plan depend largely on the complexity of the underlying business idea! The complexity of business concepts affects the timing and resources, hence the cost. Generally, we take two weeks to complete a business plan with medium complexity.


We exercise extreme confidentiality on the business plans of existing and past clients. We do not share the details of business and financial models of our past work to protect our client’s interests.

Further, we do not outsource to others.

All the team members working on any engagement are bound by our strict non-disclosure agreements.

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What Our Client's Say

Always perfect! Anything less than that is not acceptable..

XNM Creations - Toronto
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"Absolutely the best CPA out there. I made over 100 calls before I met them! Maroof is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help other businesses. He takes time to explain complex things. He is also future-proof, so young entrepreneurs like to easily approach him."
Ned Dimitrov
Cross border tax client
Read More
Maroof and his staff are extremely professional, responsive, and thoughtful in preparing our taxes and providing advice throughout the year. I always feel like Maroof pays close attention to our concerns and carefully thinks through the details of our multi-country yearly taxes. I plan on staying with Maroof for a long time.
Molly Leonard
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I considered several firms in USA and Canada to assist me with my entry to Canada. I needed integrity and accuracy. That’s when I found Maroof HS. The Maroof HS team delivers professionalism and credibility on USA/Canada personal and corporate tax. Maroof is a thorough, ethical, and competent advisor in complex scenarios. His approach is attentive and patient; ensuring tax and international reporting obligations are filed accurately and timely. I look forward to working with them for years to come!
AJ & Raheel
Car Squad - Toronto
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"Very professional and easy to deal with, Maroof was flawless in dealing with and helping us secure our financing for a multi-million dollar automotive operations in GTA. We tried several places, and Maroof was by far the best and easiest to deal with, thanks for all the help, my friend! Looking forward to more future business!"
Daniel Passmore
Passmore Law - California
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“Maroof has prepared several financial statements for my clients. He is thorough, accurate, detailed, and attentive. I continue to utilize his services and have never been disappointed.”
Gary Rotman
Hew Technologies & SIMPL
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“I had been looking for a reliable Chartered accountant, found Maroof. He has proved to be an excellent decision for our both companies. His team handles all our accounting requirements, for both our US and Canadian corporations. His pricing/value has been one of the best I have seen in over 30 years in business working with many people in the accounting and income tax disciplines. Highly recommended!”
Eric Ing
Nozo Inc.
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Maroof was super helpful and professional. Helped me through a tonne of my business and personal taxes. Answered quickly, answered all my questions, was patient with the process, made the entire thing understandable. I'll be sticking with this guy for all my future tax needs and have already referred him to a few of my friends. Super legit dude, friendly personality.
Kamyar Hossieny
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I spoke to numerous accountants before coming across Maroof. Immediately Maroof was able to identify and provide a solution to a big issue. The issue was my misunderstanding of a complexity. He took his time to explain me it in such a simple way. We were on a huge time crunch and on the verge of being hit with a huge penalty, Maroof provided us with all the reassurance we needed as him and his team did their magic. Not only did we save thousands in penalties but now our taxes situation is fully compliant and good to go for years to come! This firm has changed my mind about the accounting industry forever.
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