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We attempt to assist our readers by simplifying some of the complex income tax issues in Canada. Occasionally, we answer the general tax questions as well that can help a broader readership of our blog section. 


Accounting and Finance
Fatima Aslam

Cost of in-house Accounting

Businesses have been outsourcing their business processes that do not add direct value to their end customer experience – non-value-added activities – for many years. The most common outsourced business processes are legal, marketing, human

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should i outsource my bookkeeping and accounting?
Accounting and Finance
Fatima Aslam

Outsourcing Accounting: When & Why?

Outsourcing is not a newer concept! Businesses outsource their functions and processes for multiple reasons – to lower costs, increase efficiency, access to expert and specialized solutions and to focus more on core business processes

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US taxes for Canadian businesses
U.S. Income Tax
Maroof Hussain Sabri

FATCA Summarized

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) The objective of FATCA is to prevent offshore tax evasion by persons and entities and it focuses on identifying the accounts held by US persons and entities. No

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what is cloud accounting systems
Accounting Systems
Fatima Aslam

Cloud Accounting

What is Cloud Accounting? Although the majority of the medium to large enterprises are still using traditional accounting software and packages, hosted locally; there are a whole lot of small and medium businesses that are

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