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Online income tax return filing

File your Canadian Income Tax Return (T1) without need to visit us!

How to file an income tax return online?

Maroof HS CPA Professional Corporation provides a broad range of income tax services in Canada including personal income tax preparation, corporate income tax preparation and professional tax advice. We are open and helping our clients filing their income taxes online. We have made the process really simple and convenient for our clients.

We prepare and e-file your personal income tax returns in Canada in five easy steps:

1. Fill up the inquiry form

Start by filling up the below form. Provide brief information, without mentioning any personal details, and choose the preferred appointment time. You can also call us on 1(647)724-4308.

2. Get a Confirmation Call for your appointment

We shall call you back and confirm your appointment at your preferred time. In Case, if your preferred appointment is not available, another time is proposed. We then confirm your online appointment for tax preparation. We also confirm the price for the services at the same time. 

3. Tax Return Preparation: Verify your Identity & provide information

As a professional accounting firm, we verify the identity of all our clients before electronically filing any income tax return. 

We verify your identity using two methods. Upload a piece of government-issued identification to our portal and authorize our BN through CRA my account. If you do not have access to CRA my account, you must be able to connect through a video link for verification of the identification document provided. Don’t worry, we have done this many times and the process is smoother than it sounds.

Use the checklist for T1 2021 to ensure you have all the information. 

We use different ways to connect with our clients such as Zoom, Google Meets, Webex, Whatsapp video calls, or phone calls. Prepare all the information beforehand and organize all your documents to avoid any delay or extra charges.

We then prepare your income tax return. We discuss your tax situation in detail with you, provide expert tax advice if needed, and prepare your income tax return.

4. Review your income tax return

Once we prepare the income tax return, we send it to you. We avoid sending it by email and prefer to upload it on our portal. However, if you authorize, we can send the income tax return by email as well. Take as much time as you want before confirming all the details. If there is any information you would like us to revise, you can ask us. Revised income tax returns are uploaded to the portal (or emailed).

5. Sign your Income Tax Return digitally & get Notice of Assessment

Once you have reviewed your income tax return, we send you form T183 to authorize us for the electronic filing of the individual income tax return. You must have an email ID in order to electronically sign your tax return. Once you sign off the form T183, we electronically file your individual income tax return with CRA. Depending on your choice, we shall be sending you Express Notice-of-Assessment right away.

Done: You have filed your Personal Income Tax Return with Canada Revenue Agency!

Online income tax filing service in Canada
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