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Income Tax Return 2019 – Canada

Income Tax Return 2019 – Canada

Income Tax Return 2019 – Canada

Income Tax Return filing opens on February 24, 2020 08:30 AM in Canada.

Are you expecting an income tax refund from Canada Revenue Agency, start filing your taxes earlier and get the refund quicker.

Individual Income tax preparation services Toronto Canada

Important Dates – Personal Taxes in Canada

  • Individual income tax return filing deadline – April 30, 2020
  • Individual income tax return filing deadline – April 30, 2020
  • Individual income tax payment deadline – April 30, 2020 (for self employed as well).
  • RRSP Contribution deadline is March 02, 2020 for tax year 2019


Covid-19 and Tax Filing Deadlines in Canada

Full Scale Individual Tax Services for Canada

We provide full scale personal tax services in Canada:

  1. Tax Services for individuals having Employment Income, Rental Income, Investment Income.
  2. Tax Services for Self-employed or unincorporated businesses. (For Corporations, please visit the corporate tax services page.)
  3. Expert tax services in Canada for immigrants (newcomers) or leavers from Canada (emigrants).
  4. Individual tax preparation and tax planning services for residents, non-residents and dual residents
  5. US Tax services in Canada for Canadian snowbirds, commuters or Canadians working on short term assignments in the United States.
  6. Canadian tax services for US persons in Canada.
  7. Real estate transactions and tax issues in Canada
  8. Back filing of income tax returns for multiple tax years in Canada
  9. Tax Appeals and voluntary disclosures in Canada

Expert and Quality Tax Services in Canada

Tax returns for individuals (T1) in Canada (and for the US) are prepared by a CPA, CA in Canada and a US CPA. We ensure a thorough diligent exercise to ensure that all the tax returns prepared by us are best optimized. We combine the qualified skillset with industry’s best electronic tax preparation software to ensure the best optimization so that you can claim all the deductions you are allowed and utilize credits you are entitled to. The outcome is an accurate refund or tax liability.

FREE CRA Review Support

For all the returns prepared by us, we provide free support in case of any review or inquiry by the Canada Revenue Agency. This can ensure more peace of mind.

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