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How To Take Your Startup To New Heights?

How To Take Your Startup To New Heights?

How To Take Your Startup To New Heights?

If you are just getting started with your startup, you know the different challenges that lie ahead. You could have different reasons to look to start your own business.

Studies show that about 26% of all startup owners do so because they want to take charge of their professional careers. Another 23% do it to follow through with their personal goals and passions. However, while the going may seem rewarding, it isn’t necessarily easy.

Startup failure statistics have dwindled from 80% to 56% in the US from the years 2015 to 2018 alone. With thousands of startups as contenders already in the market, you need to get ahead of the game – right from the start. That’s where a good business plan writing services in Canada comes in. With the right business plan writer Ontario, you could know what your business needs to do to succeed.

However, while business plan writing services in Canada are important, here are a few other tips that will help too.

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1. Think Ahead

Thinking things through when it comes to your product is necessary to gauge where or not it will be viable in the market in the long run. It has been revealed that about 19% of startups fail because the products are considered non-compatible for users. This means that you have to develop a foresight when it comes to your startup.

You have to be fully aware of past, present, and future trends regarding the niche of your startup. This is because a leading cause of startup failures is the hard truth that there is very little demand for your startup in the market, making up a shocking 42% of overall startup failures. Hire a business plan writer in Ontario who understands this.

2. Set Goals

Setting goals is a great way of keeping tabs on your progress. This also includes paying attention to warning signs that you might be missing. For instance, about 93% of startup owners revealed that they only estimated their startup lasting for about 18 months before going bankrupt. In this case, it is best to rethink your strategies and targets accordingly.

3. Develop Good Business Habits

Developing good business habits lies on your shoulders since you are at the helm of your startup. This entails setting certain professional and personal standards for yourself and your employees. Most startups start with under USD 5000 as the initial budget. Even so, about 40 % of these end up making good profits. Therefore, it is best to consider all your options, weighing the pros and cons of each to decide which ones best suit your business model.

4. Think Up Some Efficient Financial Models

Good financial models are the backbone of any successful startup. To develop these models, you have several options. Studies report that about 29% of startup simply run out of cash early on, with an additional 19% losing customers due to pricing issues. To remedy this, you can professional accounting services or use online banking so that you can stay updated 24/7.

5. Get professional help for special cases

If you are starting up a new business in Canada, either because you are moving from employment to entrepreneurship, immigrating to Canada as an investor, or getting into any other venture, Get professional help. There is much more than the focus on your product and services for your startup to make work.

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The best to move forward with a startup is to acknowledge that even the startup may seem like enough, for the time being, it cannot stay like that forever. A startup has to develop into a more substantial business with time, and the techniques above will help you along the way!

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Maroof Hussain Sabri

Maroof Hussain Sabri

Maroof is a CPA, CA in the province of Ontario and Alberta in Canada. He is also a licensed CPA from North Dakota in the United States. He lives in Toronto.

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