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Alternatives to CEBA in Canada

5 Alternatives to CEBA

Canada Emergency Business Account (aka CEBA) has been the most talked-about government support program for small businesses. Since its launch, it has helped many small businesses with the liquidity pressures faced during the pandemic. Many

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R&D tax incentives in Canada

Canada: On Road to a New Global R&D Hub!

For a while, Silicon Valley in the United States has been a Research and Development hub in the world. Well, that may change soon. According to the 2019 global technology innovation report, the US and

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Information returns by employers T4 filing service toronto
Corporate Tax

CEWS Audits by CRA – Just landed

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) has been providing significant support to Canadian jobs by covering 75% of employee’s wages (sometimes up to 85%, see new CEWS rules). A total of $35.31 billion has been paid

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