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Tag: U.S. Canada Tax Treaty

U.S. Canada Tax Treaty

Best Cross border tax accountant who can file US tax returns electronically in Canada
U.S. Income Tax

Checklist: U.S. Individual Tax Returns

Please use the below checklists to arrange the information for the preparation of U.S. personal tax returns. Starting information & Filing Status – All the individuals filing U.S. Tax returns must provide this.  Information required

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PFIC rules for U.S. citizens and green cardholders living in Canada with Canadian investments such as Mutual funds and etf.
U.S. Income Tax

U.S. Tax Rules for PFICs – Canadian Context

Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs) In this post: What is a PFIC? Definition of PFIC Deep dive into PFIC definition Gross Income Test Asset Test Exceptions – What is not PFIC? Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs)

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US taxes for Canadian businesses
Corporate Tax - Canada

How and When U.S. Taxes Canadian Businesses

U.S. Income tax is one of the most complex tax systems in the world. Being a global leader, many times international businesses get their income connected to the U.S. and they even don’t know it.

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