Personal and Corporate Income Tax Services Canada amidst Covid-19

Learn about extended tax filing and payment deadlines, how are we helping our clients in these difficult times, and benefits and relief programs for small businesses as announced by Canada.

Tax filing deadlines in Canada extended due to Covid-19

Tax filing deadlines have been extended in Canada due to Covid-19.

Update: income tax payment deadline has been further extended up to Sep 30, 2020. Also, there are no penalties on the late filing of income tax returns as long as filed before Sep 30, 2020.

  • Personal Income tax filing deadline extension in Canada – June 01, 2020
  • Personal Income tax payment deadline extension in Canada – September 01, 2020
  • Corporation income tax filing deadline June 01, 2020 (for otherwise due after 03/18/2020 and before 06/01/2020)
  • Corporation income tax payment deadline September 01, 2020 (for otherwise due after 03/18/2020 and before 09/01/2020)
  • HST/GST Payment deferral – which is due at the end of first quarter – until June, 2020

For up-to-date changes to deadlines, please access the Canada Revenue Agency link here.

Filing income taxes during Covid-19

Covid-19 had brought life and businesses to standstill in Ontario. Under the guidelines issued by the government, we are strcitly maintaining physical distancing and have adapted to provide the same level of excellent service to our clients as before.

We have always been a technology reliant firm and transition to virtual or online services is seemless for us. Those who have worked with us before already know smooth our tax preparation and advisory services are even without any physical meetings or interactions.

  • We have limited physical meetings but increased face-to-face virtual interactions.
  • All the authorization forms for Canada Revenue Agency are sent electronically to clients along with all the tax reutrns and deliverables.
  • Online, secure and convenient portal to interact with clients is available for all devices.

More tax support for our business clients

We understand the difficulties faced by small businesses in Canada due to an economic downturn. Federal and provincial governments are coming up with new support packages continuously. This is an evolving situation and we share all the latest news with our clients as soon as it becomes available.

Some of the tax support services for small businesses in Canada during Covid-19 from us include:

  • Assistance to businesses with Wage subsidy program as announced by Federal government
  • Special discounts for personal income tax services and corprorate income tax services during Covid-19
  • Filing of taxpayer relief forms for waiver of interest and penalties with Canada Revenue Agency

Small business relief during Covid-19: Benefits and other relief schemes announced by Canada

A series of measures have been announced by the Government of Canada to support the small businesses.

In addition to the above, there are changes that have been made to the existing benefits to provide relief to individuals which include; GST credit, Canada Child Benefit (CCB), and minimum withdrawal from RRIFs.

Important Note: 

We are a commercial organization and bring information to you about recent benefits and supports announced by the Government of Canada. We are experiencing a high volume of inquiries of general nature related to CERB, Wage subsidies, or loan programs. Due to the limitation of our resources, we are not able to provide such assistance through email or phone. Our phone lines are generally attended by an operator who will not be able to answer your questions and only calls with commercial interest are transferred to tax experts. If you are not a client or looking for paid services, we seek your assistance to use our blog or social media resources to get information.

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Important Information & Resources Related to COVID-19

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