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Infographic – Income taxes for US Amazon Store

Infographic – Income taxes for US Amazon Store

Infographic – Income taxes for US Amazon Store

In recent times there is an uptick in E-commerce sales, especially due to COVID-19 Pandemic. With the closures of more and more retail stores, customers are ordering online. Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world. Many Canadian businesses have a presence on Amazon, both Amazon Canadian Store and US Stores.

This post is for general purposes only and cannot be considered as tax advice. If you are a Canadian having a US amazon store, please contact your professional income tax service provider in Canada. If you have the US Effectively connected income (ECI) or Permanent establishment (PE), you are recommended to contact professional tax services that specialize in cross border taxation of the US and Canada. 

US tax guide for Amazon Store from Canada

US Taxes for Canadian businesses with US Amazon Store

This infographic explores three possible different scenarios which a typical Canadian business selling on Amazon store faces:

  1. A Canadian business having US Amazon Store with no offices, or no employees in the US and not using any warehousing services from Amazon. Such a business does not have US income tax reporting requirements and does not have to pay any US income taxes.
  2. A Candian business having no US employee or office in the US but using Amazon warehousing and handling services. For example, using only warehousing services by Amazon (FBA, fulfillment by Amazon). Such a business has the US effectively connected income. There are no US income taxes payable but there are US income tax reporting requirements.
  3. A Candian business having a US office, employees in US, or own warehouse in the US. This constitutes a permanent establishment in the US.  There will be US taxes on the effectively connected income from the US. There is more reporting requirement involved with this.

In order to understand this infographic, readers are recommended to read US Income taxes for Canadian businesses post.

If you are having US ECI or PE, you are subject to sales tax regulations as well. If you have a permanent establishment in the US, state income taxes are also applicable for such businesses. Canada-US treaty provides relief from double taxation at the federal level only. Certain states use economic nexus rules and tax income their state-sourced income if reporting thresholds are met, such as the State of California.

You can take advantage of US income tax services for Amazon sellers in Canada from us. If you own an Amazon store and resident of Canada or any other country struggling to figure out your US income tax reporting requirements, we can help you with that.

Maroof HS CPA Professional Corporation is a CPA firm in Ontario, Canada providing a wide range of corporate income tax services and individual income tax services in Canada. Get in touch with us.

How to get ITIN from IRS?

Maroof HS CPA Professional Corporation is an IRS Acceptance Agent in Canada. We can help you with both US Income Tax return preparation as well as forward your application for ITIN (Individual taxpayer identification number). Get in touch with us.

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Maroof Hussain Sabri

Maroof Hussain Sabri

Maroof is a CPA, CA in the province of Ontario and Alberta in Canada. He is also a licensed CPA from North Dakota in the United States. He lives in Toronto.

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