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Personal Income Tax Rates for Canada – 2020

Personal Income Tax Rates for Canada – 2020

Personal Income Tax Rates for Canada – 2020

Personal Income tax rates for Canada for 2020.

The rates below are only for the province of Ontario. If you are residing in a different province, please contact our individual tax preparation service.

2020 Income (C$)Tax Rate - Federal
less than 48,53515.00%
48,536 - 97,06910.25%
98,070 - 150,47313.00%
150,474 - 214,36829.22%
2020 Income (C$)Tax Rate Ontario
Less than 44,7405.05%
44,741 - 89,482 9.15%
89,483 - 150,00011.16%
150,001 - 220,00012.16%
220,001 +13.16%

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We provide a complete range of individual tax preparation services and help our clients with tax planning and preparation for simple to complex tax matters. Whether you are a self employed or having employment income, rental income, business and professional income, investment income, foreign income from US or other countries, we offer a one-stop solutions to deal with all these.

In addition to individual tax preparation services, we also offer corporate tax services, accounting and bookkeeping, business planning and advisory services. Get in touch with us today and get a free consultation.

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