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information systems - XERO accounting and bookkeeping
Accounting Systems

Why Do We Love Xero? A Closer Look

Xero has become immensely popular with small and medium businesses for its simpler approach to bookkeeping. With over a million subscribers, Xero is soon to become the most used cloud-based accounting solution across the whole

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professional business plan writer in toronto
Business Plan

How To Take Your Startup To New Heights?

If you are just getting started with your startup, you know the different challenges that lie ahead. You could have different reasons to look to start your own business. Studies show that about 26% of

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taxation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Canada
Individual Tax - Canada

Crypto-Currencies – Reporting and Taxation

THIS POST IS NOT UPDATED and the tax implications are from a U.S. tax perspective. Please access one of the below links for 2021 posts: An easy to understand guide to Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

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accountants and bookkeepers in GTA
Accounting and Finance

10 Best Bookkeeping Practices for Your Small Business

Reliable Financial Information is vital for any business success. Getting such information is dependent on the business’s bookkeeping process that carefully tracks business expenses and income. For many business owners, this bookkeeping process can be

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business plan writer in toronto
Entrepreneurship & Business

Let’s not make these mistakes again in 2019!

Everyone makes Mistakes! Entrepreneurs are no exception, especially the new ones! Yes, this is quite normal! What matters is how quickly their learning curve improves from their own mistakes, and whether those mistakes are the

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US taxes for Canadian businesses
U.S. Income Tax

FATCA Summarized

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) The objective of FATCA is to prevent offshore tax evasion by persons and entities and it focuses on identifying the accounts held by US persons and entities. No

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